Wednesday, 24 October 2007

New Ideas We Had To Make Up

Anastacia and I were working hard on our ideas when Anastacia's classmates and tutors stood quite suprised when they saw our idea and Anastacia's lovely animatic. (click on her blog to watch it) They thought it was a bit rude... well, maybe a bit more than just a bit. I didn't thought of it that way but anyway, all of a sudden we had to change ideas. A brainstorm session held yesterday night by Email resulted in a less rude, good, idea which is created upon a idea from Susie and suggestions from Chris.
This is my first sketch of our new movie. This is a splitscreen of Lola and petrol pump (PP for friends) both using a pool. Pp uses his to make it filthy, Lola uses her to drink and wash and have fun. While PP destroyes the nature further and further, all nature dies and eventually Lola and PP meet eachother at the same pool. Lola swallows petrol and chokes. PP want to make up for his mistake and pumps the pool clean. After some more brainstorming Anastacia suggested that we don't use spitscreen, but a natural boundery instead, like a tree. She is good with trees. See her blog for her quick sketch.
So, our new idea is not about being funny, but a bit more about saving the world. Quite a change! For the good, I suppose.

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